Dry Fire Hydrant Install

If you have a pond or other water source on your property that is accessible, please contact us to evaluate the site for added fire protection. Silver Creek, Inc. not only works with the individual homeowner, it also works closely with the Virginia Department of Land and local fire departments to install Dry Fire Hydrants in rural areas of the state. Dry Hydrants are used by rural fire departments to refill their trucks in fire situations, due to rural areas not having pressurized fire hydrant systems. Dry hydrants help to increase fire safety, and may decrease homeowner insurance costs in most cases.

We also have a testing and maintenance program, where we come out to test and maintain hydrants to insure they are working properly on a yearly basis.

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Land Management

Thinning produces numerous timber and wildlife benefits. It improves the growth of the remaining trees and increases the amount of sunlight reaching the forest floor, stimulating the growth of a variety of herbs, forbs, legumes, and other herbaceous plants used by wildlife. The increased sunlight will also favor development of advanced regeneration of oaks and other species which do not grow well in shaded conditions. Thinning increases the amount of available canopy space for trees to expand and fill out. It enables trees to be harvested before they die naturally from competition. Finally, and of great importance to wildlife, it increases potential mast production (acorns, hickory nuts, etc.) as the crowns of the residual trees expand to fill the space once occupied by the smaller trees that have been thinned.

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Grading / Dirt work

Whatever your earthmoving or dirt work needs Silver Creek, Inc. has the experienced crew and the heavy duty equipment to do grading, fix drainage problems, trenching, excavation, or major landscaping work. From new construction final grading to re-grading of existing lawns, leveling of other parts of your property or farm and you'll be in good hands with our hard-working, customer-oriented staff.


Gorgeous planting beds, a finely-crafted hardscape, stepping stones to a secret garden. The perfect Design Build project can dramatically transform your experience of home, enhancing your home's beauty, and increasing the size and functionality of your outdoor living spaces. Silver Creek's talented, certified landscape installers bring years of expertise and experience to every design build project, ensuring that your vision for your home's transformation will be performed professionally, from site consultation to follow up visit.

Tree & Brush mulching

Our green friendly way of preparing land avoids soil erosion and is appropriate for homeowners, residential developments, parks and recreation, horse, atv, and walking trails, pastures for horses/cattle, restoring edges of farm fields from invasive trees/ brush and is environmentally safe. Our green friendly land clearing is cost effective due to the fact we remove unwanted growth, cut stumps several inches below the surface. All in a one step process. No dumping fees, no hauling fees and no need to rent multiple pieces of equipment.

In today’s environmentally sensitive world, brush mulching is a sensible solution for vegetation management. Our cutting edge machinery can quickly and easily clear land of brush and small trees. What remains is organic mulch spread evenly over your property.

Power Washing - Commercial & Residential

Commercial and Residential pressure washing services can improve your building’s sidewalks, equipment, decks, pool areas, patios and home.