Land Management

Silver Creek is a full service Land and landscape contracting firm that is based in Richmond, VA.

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Through landscape design and applied ecology, Silver Creek blends the artistic and visual desires of the client with the ecological demands of the forest and landscape.

Benefits of Land Management:

  • Pride of Ownership
  • Soil Conservation
  • Scenic Beauty
  • Wildlife Habitat & Diversity
  • Watershed Protection
  • Personal Enjoyment

Silver Creek seeks to meet the needs of our forested areas and help guide landowners through economic decisions that affect the health of their forests. Forest ecology is a very important part of landscape in the Mid Atlantic, and like many habitats, our forests have been through great change over the past century. As we change these forests, we bring upon ourselves great responsibilities of stewardship. Improvement of forest health is necessary to sustain an adequate supply of raw materials and protect natural water supplies while providing a high quality of life for our citizens and wildlife.

Silver Creek will manage your forest in a manner that improves forest and landowner safety while also enhancing forest health. Homes that lie within the woodland-urban interface could be in the path of a wood land fire. Through proactive management, we reduce the risk that fire poses by mechanically playing the role of fire. We will reduce forest fuels, reduce forest densities, and improve the health of your forest by using fire breaks between homes and forest lands, and mulch storm debris lying down throughout you woodland. Silver Creek will consult, design, and implement fuel reduction projects for individual homes and subdivisions within the forest. Thinning regimes have been reliable methods for addressing many of the forest health problems that are preventable. As good Land practices have been implemented throughout the Commonwealth, the average health, vigor and quality of Virginia's forests has gradually improved. The full benefits of good decisions can continue to accrue over several decades.