About Silver Creek, Inc.

Silver Creek, Inc. has been in operation since 1989 and Silver has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003 with an A+ rating.

Silver Creek, Inc. has been in operation since 1989, is a Class A Contractor(#2705146384) and has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003 with an A+ rating. Silver Creek, Inc. offers a diverse line of specialty services to fit the individual needs of property owners. Whether you are looking to develop a new property or need improvements to an existing property, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your outdoor needs.

Silver Creek, Inc. provides lot clearing and forestry thinning with state of the art equipment that efficiently converts undesired trees, brush, and stumps into a mulch material and does not require a “Land Disturbance Permit.” We also provide Dry Fire hydrant installation, Grading/ drainage problems, Landscaping/ Hardscapes, Farm improvements, and Pressure washing services.

If you have a pond or other water source on your property that is accessible, please contact us to evaluate the site for added fire protection. Silver Creek, Inc. not only works with the individual homeowner, it also works closely with the Virginia Department of Forestry and local fire departments to install Dry Fire Hydrants in rural areas of the state. Dry Hydrants are used by rural fire departments to refill their trucks in fire situations, due to rural areas not having pressurized fire hydrant systems. Dry hydrants help to increase fire safety, and may decrease homeowner insurance costs in most cases.

I first met Rick Eck 30+/- years ago when he began employment for me as an adolescent at a wholesale horticultural facility in the Richmond Virginia area. As a young beginner Rick inherited the remedial lower level jobs; however, he never showed any reluctance or disdain. In fact he loved his work and began to contemplate ways of which horticulture could become his career.

As an athlete, he began to excel and to display the competitive nature that has remained with him to this day. Wanting to excel, or wanting to do the best at that which he does or represents, is his style.

Rick went to college and prepared himself educationally and then returned and began to pursue going into public service as a fireman. While not as close to those career choices, I do know that he excelled and began to get frustrated as the pecking order would not allow him to excel to his fullest potential.

Rick upon going into private business has done well and is always striving. He is at home as an entrepreneur, takes it personally of which it is, and strives to improve.

To me, it is the person and character behind the equipment and representation being made. Of course I expect the work to be as stated. I refer to Rick when applicable and will continue to do so.

Mike Pintz President/Broker - Virginia Real Estate & Development, Inc.